Garage Sales

In the lead up to the Old Bar Beach Festival, the town comes alive for its annual garage sale day!

On the first weekend of September, thousands of inquisitive shoppers hit the town, as we attempt to break the record for the ‘Most Garage Sales on the One Day in One Town’.

Bargains galore walk out the door and pocket money aplenty is made from unwanted items gathering dust around the household.

It’s easy to get around on the day — all sales are numbered at the end of the street and each house is identified with balloons. And don’t forget our Car Boot Sale, held at the same time.

A huge Book and Record Sale will also be held at the old supermarket on Old Bar Rd, with all proceeds going towards the festival.

“I am in Garage Sale Utopia” said one completely satisfied shopper on her way to her 78th garage sale for the day

For more details contact:
Chris Rowsell on 6553 3122