Old Bar Beach Festival

Old Bar Beach Festival

Old Bar Beach Festival

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Classic Cars, Beetles & Bikes

“Old Bar Classic” and VW Beetle display.

Old Bar Beach Festival hosts “Old Bar Classic” on Saturday of the October Long Weekend. The number of classics is growing each year, as is the number of spectators. You will see all sorts of classics at Old Bar from veteran to modern street machines and motorcycles. Guys, it’s a great place to spend some time when the markets get too much to bear, or just to dream about that project waiting in the back shed. It can also be a challenge to keep the kids interest, as you tell them how it used to be, with the lure of the amusement rides just on the other side of the airstrip.

If you’re the owner of a “Classic”, whether it be; veteran, vintage, modern classic, muscle, hot rod, street machine or classic motorcycle, bring it along to Old Bar and display it to our crowd of thousands.

Registration cost is $2. We’ll give you a sticker to say you where there and put you in the draw to win $1,000 to make that classic shinier for next year. There are no trophies this year. We’ve changed it up so that everyone has a chance to be a winner.

Classics and Beetles are welcome to tag onto the Kombi Parade at the end of the day. See the Kombi page for details.

If you’re bringing your classic, please check the registrations forms page for the terms and conditions. The most important items are that you must still be there to win the $1000 and that you must not move your vehicle between the hours of 8am and 4pm without an official escort.

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