Aussie Spinners

  • Stainless Steel Wind Spinners made in Australia in all shapes and many Australiana animals.
  • Imported coloured spinners and single and double spiral tails to enhance the spinner.
  • Nuts and Bolts wine holders. These are unique and make great presents.
  • Microfibre Tea towels made in Australia by Special Needs workers alongside skilled workers
  • Stainless steel clothes pegs – no more broken pegs
  • Tiny speakers that charge like your mobile phone and they incl radio, clock, alarm, bluetooth, and play USB. They will last without cords for about 5-6 hours so very handy to take in the garden, fishing or even to a party.

HIGHLIGHT: Premium Range Stainless Steel Wind spinners

Made in Australia of 316 (Marine Grade) stainless steel.

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