Besgrove Embroidery

Besgrove Embroidery is a small business that started of just for fun – creating clothing by sewing for their 5 children. However in the space of 10 years it has grown into so much more.

Providing over 100 different products that can be chopped on their website, and through social media.

Besgrove Embroidery now have two embroidery machines running constantly to keep up with orders of Towels and Blankets – which are the two most popular products they sell.

They also have a range of baby girl clothing, baby boy clothing, bibs, bandana bibs, tie-dye clothing, home made dresses for kids and so much more!

Everything is available for purchase and viewing on the website.

For this virtual website Besgrove Embroidery is going to do an offer for anyone spending over $50.00 will be charged only $5.00 for shipping anywhere in NSW

HIGHLIGHT: Embroidered towels

You can view the entire range of different designs on their website, where you can then choose your towel colour preference and the option to add a name also!

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Location: Campbelltown