Bird and Earth

Bird and Earth is a natural skin range that was developed in 2016. This is a brand that believes skin care has to be both good for you and kind on the environment, leaving as little footprint as possible.

High quality, 100% pure essential oils are blended into our products, that are not only healing on the skin, but good for your wellbeing. They provide a more holistic approach to taking care of you and your skin.

Bird and Earth blends natural & organic ingredients to bring you a quality handmade skin care range for both Women and Men.

HIGHLIGHT: Women’s Natural Face Cream with Pure Organic Essential Oils

This is their best natural face cream for women made from a natural cream base blended with Pure Organic Essential Oils.

A beautiful combination of geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang, carrot seed, rosehip, vitamin E and tea tree. Using high-quality ingredients that have been selected for their nourishing, calming and healing effects.

This cream is easily absorbed, leaving a non-greasy feeling. A blend of pure essential oils that have come together to heal and nurture your skin. This is a beautiful cream to apply of a morning, it is like breakfast for your skin!

30ml $22 60ml $42

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Mobile: 0422503092
Instagram: @birdandearth
Location: Port Macquarie, NSW