Wrapped in Colours


If you have been to the festival before, you may have been one of many who have supported this crystal & jewellery stall and given a new home to that special piece that caught your eye!

For those that haven’t, Wrapped in Colours sell a variety of of beautiful gems, including:

  • Amethyst & Citrine clusters and geodes.
  • Agate slices
  • Clear & smokey Quartz points
  • a selection of gemstone towers, wands & spheres.
  • A variety of necklaces & macrame crystal pouches to house your special crystal.
  • and many more items too!

HIGHLIGHT: Crystal Necklaces

A variety of necklaces, made with different crystals and a wide range of different coloured hemp or waxed string.

Average price range $15- $40

Get in Touch

Website: wrappedincolours.com
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Email: webby1967@hotmail.com.au
Mobile: 0438460982
Instagram: @wrappedincolours
Facebook: facebook.com/WrappedInColours
Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW